Commercial Carpentry

Quality wood working by experienced, professional tradesmen

Are you looking to replace your wooden door frames or timber windows?

Perhaps you’re looking for a new floor or need contractors for larger refits?

Whatever your carpentry and joinery needs, call the team at Concept Facilities Management. We work for both the public and commercial customers alike, offering a first rate, personalised service from start to finish.

We build and fit windows, staircases, bedrooms, bathrooms, doors and cupboards, which can all be of a bespoke design. In more depth if you are looking for fitted furniture, such as bookcases, walk-in and built-in wardrobes, shelves, library furniture, storage cupboards, cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, chairs and much more.

Various finishes can be used from hand painting, wood veneers, laminates and more. We can build the furniture in a variety of woods from oak, ash to birch.

We provide a quality custom made carpentry and joinery service, which is fully guaranteed. call us if you need professional and trustworthy joiners and carpenters based in Sydney.

Commercial Tiling

Concept Facilities Management offers the complete range of commercial tiling services.

Any installation and all types of tile, we are confident that we will be able to complete your project to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves in both the quality of our tiling but also on our ability to keep to your schedule. Building long lasting relationship that allows complete trust in our work.

Training and experience is the heart of a professional finish and although tiling techniques have changed little over the years we are constantly ensuring that we are up to date with the skills that are required for the latest tile fashions and tile styles.

For any questions or queries about your project please contact us today .

Our Tiling Services:

•    Natural stone tiling
•    Porcelain tiling
•    Ceramic tiling
•    Mosaic tiling
•    Glass tiles and splashbacks
•    Flagstones
•    Paving
•    Food preparation areas
•    Wetrooms
•    Swimming Pool Tiling
•    Balcony Tiling
•    Tanking & waterproofing
•    Inset drain covers
•    Hole coring

Secured Document Destruction

Increasingly stringent data protection legislation means companies face heavy penalties if not complying with confidential records management and data destruction requirements.

Concept Facilities Management helps you take the risk and hassle out of the whole document disposal process.

We can collect documents, hard drives, DVDs and CDs that are no longer required and securely transport them to one of our shredding facilities located throughout Sydney.

All documents and media are destroyed and we recycle 100% of paper records. Our flexible services are designed to meet your organisation’s needs:

On-Demand Service:

Periodic clear-outs. We can visit your office to collect and destroy all documents that you are no longer required to keep. Find out more and order On-Demand Shredding Services for paper document destruction.

Scheduled Service:

Day-to-day shredding. A regular service with locked disposal consoles sited in your office, which we collect according to an agreed schedule. Simply place all your documents in the console as part of your secure destruction programme. We do the rest. Learn more about Scheduled Shredding Services for paper, media and uniform destruction.

Our industry-leading service levels and processes provide you with:
•    Highly secure vehicles so you know your information is protected in transit.
•    An auditable chain of custody so you can demonstrate where your information has been and who has handled it.
•    Vetted staff so you know your information is in safe hands.
•    A certificate of destruction for your information for straightforward compliance.
•    Fast, easy implementation so you can get up and running without delay.
•    Documents shredded so they can never be reconstructed. All paper is recycled

For more information about Secure Shredding Services contact us today

Hospitality Facilities

Our cleaning services are about more than polished surfaces and gleaming surroundings. They play a key role in building a healthy, productive workforce.

The hospitality industry requires an experienced and flexible facilities services company like Concept to manage their demanding facilities needs.

Floors and carpets need cleaning, washrooms need routine inspection and servicing, kitchens require daily cleaning and scheduled deep cleaning; contracting multiple vendors to care for your facilities is stressful. With so many diverse functions to consider, more and more hotels across the UK are now relying on Initial to manage and provide for all their facilities needs.

Fast and Friendly Hospitality Facilities Services

Leave it to Concept’s professional and friendly cleaning and facilities services team to take care of your venue.

Our range of services covers all your cleaning, washrooms, and facilities management needs, and our staff is trained to deliver an efficient and friendly service.

Contact us now to see how Concept can support your business.


Commercial Facilities

Working in office buildings throughout Australia, Concept Facilities Management serves corporations, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, property managers, and Small to Medium Enterprise business.

Our customers recognise the value of their buildings and rely on Concept Facilities Management’s quality service to maintain, preserve and enhance those valuable assets.

Our clients have learned to come to us for facilities services such as commercial cleaning, landscaping, and building mechanical maintenance. Yet, they find we can help them in other significant ways. Think of your non-core business activities.

Commercial cleaning, payroll administration, mechanical maintenance staffing and grounds maintenance. Can you say with certainty that they’re handled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible?

In a perfect world, you could focus on your core business and leave everything else to someone else.

That someone can be Concept Facilities Management.

With Concept Facilities Management as an integrated part of your workflow, you can achieve break-through improvements in performance in non-core areas. In turn, you achieve better financial results. Plus, your customers and employees experience an optimal environment, which affects your success in many ways.

We’ve earned our reputation in commercial cleaning and building maintenance, but our services don’t stop there.

For example, our customers have benefited from innovations such as:

  • Automated inspection systems with web-based customer portals
  • Paperless invoicing and centralised billing
  • Single point-of-contact national account programs with 24/7 on-demand service

If you keep doing the same things the same way, you’ll get the same results.

This old saying certainly applies in today’s intense economic environment. Your business may not be able to squeeze any more savings out of facility services — without sacrificing specifications — unless you change your approach. Implementing new, efficient methods is the essence of Concept Facilities Management.

Through continuous re-engineering, we’ve become increasingly efficient at handling millions of back-office transactions. These are the non-core activities that nonetheless keep operations running smoothly. We know our industry-leading process works, because we’ve re-engineered ourselves and helped customers in remarkable ways.

When it comes to budget and quality, customers have choices. We can provide (1) services of a comparable value to the status quo at lower cost or (2) higher quality services at a fair and meticulously managed price. Our “Intelligent Quote” reflects your specifications and quality expectations. Customers with seasonal or other temporary needs benefit even more from our scalable, on-demand service capabilities.

Why spend your valuable time worrying about commercial cleaning, building maintenance and other non-core activities? Concept Facilities Management can ensure that your employees have a “ready to work” environment and that your customers have a memorable experience. You’ll be free to focus on taking your business to the next level of success.

Government Facilities

Government offices and agencies rely on Concept Facilities Management services to bring order to their buildings and grounds.

We have years of award-winning experience providing Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services to government customers, including local, state, and federal government agencies.

Our commitment to strategic management processes, predictive and preventive maintenance, combined with capital planning and asset management partnerships, gives our customers confidence we can manage the long-term vision as well as the day-to-day details of integrated facilities services.

From restrooms to boardrooms, Concept’s cleaning and maintenance services keeps your property – and your image – always looking spotless and your operations running smoothly.

We can accommodate a complete spectrum of operational needs including daily cleaning routines to mechanical and electrical repairs and energy services. Our service offerings are fully compliant with OH&S and EPA regulatory requirements. As a national facilities maintenance provider, we also offer both contract and on-demand services with the flexibility and resources to work according to your schedule – without ever inconveniencing your staff or property visitors.

Focus on operating your facility.Leave the dirty work to us.

Comprehensive cleaning and facility services from Concept include:

  • Building Mechanical Maintenance
  • Expert Staffing for Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Handyman
  • HVAC/lighting maintenance
  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance & Repair Services
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Electrician Services
  • Carpentry
  • Security Systems
  • General Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Lobbies and Common Areas Cleaning
  • Heavy Rubbish Removal
  • Restroom Cleaning and Supplies
  • Kitchen and Break Room Maintenance
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Pre/Post Move-In Cleanup
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Care: – Vacuuming, Spot Cleaning, Dry, Steam and Foam Shampooing
  • Floor Care: – Marble, Terrazzo, Cement, Wood, Vinyl Tile, Rubber and Ceramic Floor Care
  • Pressure Washing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Litter Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Fabric & Furniture Maintenance
  • Fabric Shampooing, Dry Cleaning and Foam Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Fabric Partition Cleaning

Retail Facilities

When it comes to retail cleaning services, you have high standards for your store, and your customers have high expectations. Our vast experience in retail cleaning services means that you can rely on Concept.

We’ll keep your store immaculate, thereby enhancing the customer experience. Shining floors, clean carpets, spotless restrooms, well-kept fitting rooms . . . all ensure that your shoppers come back for more.

For retail, cleaning services merit special attention, because your success can depend on your housekeeping provider’s expertise.

Rest assured, Concept understands cleaning needs from a retailer’s perspective.

We know that each store – especially a high-end retailer – has specialised requirements. We’ll work with you in partnership to customise a retail cleaning services program that works for you and each of your stores.

Cost-Effective, Expert Retail Cleaning Services

Concept Retail Cleaning Services is managed by experts in the field who are solely dedicated to providing services to stores throughout Australia. Our retail services teams understand the attention to detail that the retail environment requires.

We’ve developed a process for providing cost-effective retail cleaning services that exceed customer’s expectations through the use of:

  • The latest technological advances
  • Proven management techniques
  • Comprehensive employee training programs

Training focuses on our standardised cleaning processes.

Our corporate culture rewards superior service and accepts nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. We recognise that overall service is only as strong as each link in the service chain. Therefore, Concept is committed to teamwork and to quality that cascades from the company’s top managers to local branch managers and to each and every worker. Our high standards for retail cleaning services apply to safety, security (background checks, worker uniforms and ID badges), chemicals, equipment, and quality control.

Ease of Handling Multiple Locations

Have locations nationwide? Concept can handle all your retail cleaning services with ease and economy. Good national retail cleaning services contractors focus on effective communication, therefore:

  1. Your dedicated Concept account manager keeps you informed of operations at your stores while working to ensure that standardisation programs are in place.
  2. Unlike some national contractors, with Concept, you have only one number to call for service requests throughout the country. Our “always on” communication system using mobile phones, pagers and the Internet provides immediate response to your needs.

We also offer administrative ease through consolidated billing with itemised invoices per service location, as well as electronic billing. Our national buying power gives you the pricing advantages inherent in dealing with a single retail cleaning services vendor.

Concept offers the following retail cleaning services and related services:

  • Customised Cleaning programs
  • Store Grand Openings/Construction Clean-Ups
  • Carpet Care
  • Emergency Clean-Ups
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Floor Maintenance
  • Office Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Pest Control
  • Pressure Washing
  • Recycling Programs
  • Re-Lamping
  • Window Cleaning

Educational Facilities

We’ve Mastered the Art of School Cleaning

From restrooms to classrooms, Concept offers commercial school cleaning services that keep your schools image — looking spotless.

Our school cleaners have been doing the same for other K-12 schools, colleges, and universities just like yours.

Our award-winning cleaning services can accommodate a complete spectrum of educational facilities, from the student centre at small private schools to large universities.

As a national facilities maintenance provider, Concept offers both contract and on-demand commercial school cleaning with the flexibility and resources to clean according to your schedule — without ever inconveniencing your students, faculty, or administration.

In addition, we offer green cleaning, a service that’s good for the environment and the school. Green cleaning plays a vital role in creating a healthier environment, which studies have shown can improve student attendance and attitude, better math and reading scores, and improved teacher retention.

You take care of your students and faculty.Leave the dirty work to our school cleaners.

The comprehensive services that Concept’s Facilities Management offer include:

  • General Commercial School Cleaning
  • Classroom and Office Cleaning
  • Student Lounge Cleaning
  • Laboratory Cleaning
  • Heavy Rubbish Removal
  • Restroom Cleaning and Supplies
  • Kitchen and Canteen Maintenance
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Pre/Post Move-In Cleanup
  • Window Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning
  • Carpet Care: – Vacuuming, Spot Cleaning, Dry, Steam and Foam Shampooing
  • Floor Care: – Marble, Terrazzo, Cement, Wood, Vinyl Tile, Rubber and Ceramic Floor Care
  • Pressure Washing
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Litter Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Fabric & Furniture Maintenance
  • Fabric Shampooing, Dry Cleaning and Foam Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Fabric Partition Cleaning

Our school cleaners are highly trained and extremely professional. Want to know more? Contact us today to learn more about our commercial school cleaning services.


Concept Facilities Management have been providing outstanding security solutions to clients since 1999. Our teams of dedicated security professionals are committed to delivering innovative, effective, and efficient premium quality services.

Concept Facilities Management recognises that while many of our clients share similar goals and requirements for their security service, that every one of our clients needs an individually tailored service that best suits their business and evolving need.

Our management team have extensive security experience and are able to understand your business security need and implement the most effective delivery for your security solution and service. We are committed to developing a seamless service that integrates our team and services into your business operation.

Our Security Services Include

Concept Facilities Management’s management services will provide your business with an assigned account security manager, who will provide you with regular security and operations reviews, development, and implementation of security improvement programs and personalised comprehensive account management.

At Concept Facilities Management we place great value on our people and have implemented detailed recruit selection processes, training programs, specialised staff development training, and actively support advanced industry education of our staff. We also provide recognition awards to our staff for service excellence and innovation.

Manpower Services

securityWe understand the need for a security team that performs its duties professionally, effectively and proactively. Concept Facilities Management’s manpower services have the capability to provide our clients with a range of specialised services that meet the needs and expectations of varying service groups.

Understanding that our service is only as good as our people, we only recruit and provide you with the best people possible for your service and business. All of our guards are trained and accredited in first aid and we recruit customer service oriented personnel with the experience required for each clients specific security need.

Uniformed Security Officers

Concept Facilities Management’s Uniformed Security Officer services provide our clients with a professional and clearly recognisable on site security service. We provide security officers for commercial high rise buildings, shopping centres, concierge services, business precincts, industrial properties, (warehouses & manufacturing centres), and government sites. All of our security officers undergo ongoing training and are specifically selected for site requirements.

Loss Prevention

Our Loss Prevention services focus on increasing our client’s profits by designing and delivering a cost effective, innovative solution that reduces loss and shrinkage without increasing costs. Personnel employed by Concept Facilities Management are experienced Loss Prevention professionals who have had exposure to the full range of retail sectors and understand the requirements of an effective retail loss prevention service.

Retailers can reduce issues associated with directly employing security and loss prevention personnel, through outsourcing.

Outsourcing loss prevention services to Securityinc provides a reliable, efficient, and effective integrated security service solution for your retail business.

Covert Operatives

covert-securityWhilst most potential thieves can be prevented from stealing through basic methods including proactive customer service, presence of uniformed guards, CCTV system, E.A.S. etc. there are those who will only be deterred when they are actually apprehended. Therefore retailers should consider the employment of external Covert Loss Prevention Officers, who will significantly enhance comprehensive security operations and protection of the company’s profits.

Concept Facilities Management invests significant resources, in selecting and developing the right people, who have the best aptitude, to ensure that their covert loss prevention operative’s have a thorough understanding of legal obligations and company procedures pertaining to the detection and apprehension of offenders.

Mobile Patrol Services

Concept Facilities Management provide Mobile Patrol Services throughout the Sydney metropolitan and greater metropolitan area. We provide mobile services for commercial high-rise buildings, shopping centres, and industrial facilities.

Our Mobile Patrol officers are of the highest quality and experience and provide additional support to our manpower services.

Concept Facilities Management can provide mobile services designed to your specific need for your property. Open and lock services, after hours staff escort to vehicles, emergency response, and alarm response services. Concept Facilities Management provides service reports to our mobile service customers for all security patrol inspections and response services conducted. These reports are generated and monitored through our service software program designed specifically for mobile patrol services.

Close Personal Protection

close-personal-protection-securityBased upon world trends there has been an increase in violence within our society.  Criminals have turned their focus from the traditional robbery of banks and other financial institutions to ‘soft targets’.  One such soft target is the unprotected corporate executive. In Australia the number of well-planned robberies committed against prominent business identities has increased.

Reports of white-collar crime, industrial espionage, extortion and threats, stalking and harassment are now common and require many companies to take precautions.

We provide a comprehensive array of proven cost effective, balanced, and innovative risk management services with practical solutions for implementation into the business environment.

Our VIP and Executive Protection Service is a highly specialised risk management service that provides VIP, Close Personal and VIP Venue protection related services to corporations, government, foreign diplomats, dignitaries, entertainers, executive’s and/or their families.

Investigations & Surveillance

The company constantly revises current strategies and develops new ones to ensure its services directly reflect clients’ needs and requirements. The company encourages client feedback before, during and after inquiries.


The team has significant experience in conducting investigations into security breaches and fraudulent activity. Having all operated in the corporate environment all investigations are mindful of corporate sensitivities including employee’s rights, corporate policy and culture, and most importantly discretion and the public profile of your company.


Surveillance is performed to the highest industry standards, including but not limited to, the covert observation of persons, premises, vehicles, vessels and objects in order to obtain evidence and intelligence, through physical and electronic means.  Therefore, facts in issue are able to be proved or disproved.
All surveillance is conducted with the objective of achieving best industry practice, whilst striving to develop dynamic and innovative outcomes.
Each of the surveillance operatives has special skills gained through experience and relevant courses.

Electronic Counter-Surveillance Measures

electronic-counter-surveillance-measuresAt Concept Facilities Management we use the most recently developed sophisticated equipment in our debugging operation, combined with a physical and telecommunications inspection, our highly trained operatives can sweep your commercially sensitive areas to search for electronic eaves dropping devices.

We have been providing this service for a number of years for a variety of companies involved in the banking & finance industry, media companies and pharmaceutical companies to name a few. With the ease of placing listening devices these clients see this method of espionage as a genuine threat and respond accordingly with our service.

Considering this is one of the highest levels of corporate espionage we take the delivery of our service particularly seriously and as such continually update our equipment and ensure ongoing training of our operatives.

Security Risk Management

The skills and experience held by our team provides us with the ability to prepare comprehensive security solutions through the development of Security Risk Management plans.

Designed to work with your organisations strategic objectives, the Security Risk Management plan will address all technical, operational, business continuity and environmental issues relevant, to your workplace. All plans include Situational Crime Prevention and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design techniques.

Electronic Security

At Concept Facilities Management special consideration is given to ensure that our systems are user friendly and blend with the systems environment. Our culture is weighted towards working directly with our clients, their architects, interior designers, and builders to create a complete system that reflects the most exacting needs and is operationally functional.

Our success is based on technological innovation and design excellence; we have a thorough knowledge of the following products and systems. Our capability extends to the installation, service, and maintenance in the following areas;

  • Electronic Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Back to Base Monitoring

Covert Cash in Transit – Secure Banking Services

We specialise in secure discreet/covert point to point secure banking, providing fully trained and accredited cash in transit staff, who are plain clothed armed/unarmed security officers in unmarked, armoured or non armoured security vehicles.

Our service aims to offer a low impact, low profile, same day banking and change delivery service to your preferred banking facility in a professional and discreet manner.

We will collect, deposit, process and deliver change to any business nationally or locally, big or small, with minimal interruption  to your staff and your customers, all the while maintaining stringent verification of deposit processes to ensure your funds are traceable at any stage.