Commercial Facilities

Working in office buildings throughout Australia, Concept Facilities Management serves corporations, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, property managers, and Small to Medium Enterprise business.

Our customers recognise the value of their buildings and rely on Concept Facilities Management’s quality service to maintain, preserve and enhance those valuable assets.

Our clients have learned to come to us for facilities services such as commercial cleaning, landscaping, and building mechanical maintenance. Yet, they find we can help them in other significant ways. Think of your non-core business activities.

Commercial cleaning, payroll administration, mechanical maintenance staffing and grounds maintenance. Can you say with certainty that they’re handled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible?

In a perfect world, you could focus on your core business and leave everything else to someone else.

That someone can be Concept Facilities Management.

With Concept Facilities Management as an integrated part of your workflow, you can achieve break-through improvements in performance in non-core areas. In turn, you achieve better financial results. Plus, your customers and employees experience an optimal environment, which affects your success in many ways.

We’ve earned our reputation in commercial cleaning and building maintenance, but our services don’t stop there.

For example, our customers have benefited from innovations such as:

  • Automated inspection systems with web-based customer portals
  • Paperless invoicing and centralised billing
  • Single point-of-contact national account programs with 24/7 on-demand service

If you keep doing the same things the same way, you’ll get the same results.

This old saying certainly applies in today’s intense economic environment. Your business may not be able to squeeze any more savings out of facility services — without sacrificing specifications — unless you change your approach. Implementing new, efficient methods is the essence of Concept Facilities Management.

Through continuous re-engineering, we’ve become increasingly efficient at handling millions of back-office transactions. These are the non-core activities that nonetheless keep operations running smoothly. We know our industry-leading process works, because we’ve re-engineered ourselves and helped customers in remarkable ways.

When it comes to budget and quality, customers have choices. We can provide (1) services of a comparable value to the status quo at lower cost or (2) higher quality services at a fair and meticulously managed price. Our “Intelligent Quote” reflects your specifications and quality expectations. Customers with seasonal or other temporary needs benefit even more from our scalable, on-demand service capabilities.

Why spend your valuable time worrying about commercial cleaning, building maintenance and other non-core activities? Concept Facilities Management can ensure that your employees have a “ready to work” environment and that your customers have a memorable experience. You’ll be free to focus on taking your business to the next level of success.